Episode 2: Ex-missionaries and the Savior Complex

In this episode, Sammie and I talk about our past experience in missions organizations, and the modern day missionary. We discuss why and how we started in missions, the hilarious personalities you always find within mission culture (like the 'hipster musician'), and the businesses we started from our #saviorcomplex...it's slightly painful to relive those moments, but worth every joke, like why do Christian promo videos always sound slightly like a trailer for a super-hero movie? Diving into the the reasons why we love public figures like Jamie The Very Worst Missionary and Pastor Eugene Cho, we ask the question, what really defines a 'missionary' in today's world?

In reference to our two businesses, we watch our 'trailers' and basically....tear them apart. Watch along with these links: https://vimeo.com/60216559    https://vimeo.com/256158600/0887c1ce6c