We want to hear from you! 

This blog is about hearing your voice and sparking conversation. If you have a relationship story or life experience you'd like to share, please write us. 

We can't guarantee everyone will be published, but we greatly appreciate all of your stories. Anonymity will be respected, if stated. 

email: writeus@thedtrblog.com

Guidelines to help you with submissions

Your story should be written in first person about yourself or someone you know. This is your story to tell, so say whatever it is you want to say. Don't back down or be afraid of what goes on the paper. Begin writing and let your emotions show behind it because this is what will make your reader laugh, cry, or sit there thinking about how you've just impacted their life. DTR stories often close with a teaching point or lesson learned, creating emotion, or some kind of 'God redeeming' factor. Our stories are raw about our walks with God, an element that makes us all feel more hopeful, connected, and understood. 

We have lots of experiences in life - and the more open we are about sharing the realities of both the good plus the not so good, the more we are able to encourage one another. Be as real as you can while trying to help the reader understand a point you are trying to make - be it about faith, dating, mental health, or something funny.

Don't worry about giving so much background or introduction. Start with the action, the event, or the topic and go from there. If you want to use pen names, you are welcome to. Have fun!

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