The DTR blog is a place meant to spark conversation about all things relationships - our relationship with God, with ourselves, and with each other. The way we love is a reflection of how we think God sees us and how we see ourselves. Sharing vulnerabilities leads to a better understanding of who we are while giving us the ability to help others do the same.

We hope to open the door for healthy dialogue on the realities of life in today's faith based culture. 

So let's talk about it...and have a few laughs along the way. 


Hi! My name is Kristina - I'm DTR's main storyteller and #blessed to live the SoCal life. I love the bible, my favorite passage being when Jesus turned water into wine. I'm an advocate of people's stories, and believe that the most ordinary person has a story of influence and power they're waiting to share.  We often think our story will impact someone when we've made it. In reality, your impact is now and you just need to see it the way God sees it - not ordinary at all. I went to UCSB and was a missionary and bible student with YWAM, where I completed the School of Biblical Studies. I'm now attempting the fine art of adulting and am the founder of an activewear brand - though my real passion is writing and speaking about the intersection of faith, mental health, and ofcourse dating. I walked the path of grief when my mother passed away 4 years ago, and have since been overcoming my battles with depression and anxiety. I’m a fan of pursuing wholeness and use humor to talk about difficult topics. And wine.  I love comedy and feel the most myself when writing jokes about the humanity behind the Christian walk.

I'm on a mission to know, really know, who God is in singleness, relationship, and marriage. I want to know who God is to the lonely. To the depressed. To the mentally tormented. I want to know who God is to the ones who feel left behind. My message can be summed up in a few words: You're the hero of your own story. I'm here to be vulnerable, real, and say I get it! Thanks for joining!

You can read more about why I started the blog HERE