Miracle Stories

Last night I asked our Instagram followers if they had any stories of miracles happening. I expected to get a handful of responses, 5 at max. My faith needed some work. I was sent hundreds of stories of miracles. They are still pouring in. I decided to post some of them because not only are they encouraging like WOAH, but each one is so unique, detailed, and authentic. It made me think of how busy God is working all kinds of miracles for all of us ALL THE TIME. He sees the big picture and is intent on making sure we fulfill our destinies. My faith skyrocketed. As you read them, I hope yours does too :). 

ps. wear a seatbelt and make sure you have good car insurance... 

1I saw a 4,000 lb. Iron gate dead fall on a 7 year old girl, squish her completely and when we retrieved her from under it she was not breathing and had no pulse.  Within 2 minutes of us praying she got up and walked away. CAT SCAN CAME BACK 100% CLEAN. NOT EVEN A CONCUSSION.

2. I was working with some elderly patients once and there was a lady with tremors and I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to pray for her and I did and her tremors immediately stopped. So to verify that what I was seeing, I painted her nails, which would have been impossible if she had tremors.


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4. I was at school one day and had this overwhelming tingly sensation that seemed to be leading somewhere. I followed it around until I saw a guy in the grade below me and immediately I knew I had to pray for him. I prayed once by myself and asked God to give me the right words for him. Then I found him and asked if I could pray with him. He was a little shocked but said yes. As I was praying I was given the exact words to say. I just started praying for his grandmother and for her healing and his family’s comfort. Once I was done he said “no way. I wasn’t planning on telling this to anyone, but my grandmother is very sick in the hospital right now.” somehow I’d prayed for his family’s exact situation without knowing a bit about it beforehand. It was absolutely incredible and so encouraging for both of us!!


5. Last year on May 10th, my dad and I were driving home from church. this guy t-boned us all of the sudden and we started spinning and spinning and flipped over in a ditch. The roof was sooo close to my head, I found out later. but my dad and i crawled out the window with ease... and I got a few scratches on my hands and legs from the broken glass, and I also had to go see a chiropractor just in case something was wrong, but other than that my dad and I were perfectly fine.










7. When I was in high school, I went to a youth conference in Indianapolis. During the worship set, a bunch of people go over and prayed for this guy’s broken arm to be healed. (He had a cast on and everything.) About 20 minutes later, the group started shouting and cheering because the guy’s arm had been healed! The speaker brought the kid on stage, and asked for scissors, and proceeded to cut the kid’s cast off! His arm was completely healed!









9. My dad got paralyzed from the waist down, and in Hospital a month later the doctors told him that even though it was their job to encourage him, he always encouraged the doctors. They asked him to go encourage somebody with a worse injury than his, and he prayed and nothing happened at first. 2 weeks later men with the worst injury walked out with no problems. Then God told him that he heals who he wants when he wants, it's all about God's will and his timing! My dad is still handicapped and serving the Lord! The amount of Joy he has even through his injury has been a tool to witness. And every year it seems somebody has a word of Prophecy, or a dream reaffirming that my dad will be healed in God's time not his own.