My online dating life is like those awful American Idol auditions

Alright where were we? So I tried Bumble and had some luck but it didn't exactly stick. Let's be real, what's more interesting than my successful online dating stories are the ones that made me second guess life in general. I know that's dramatic but we love the first few episodes of American Idol for the same reason - those disastrous auditions are so awful yet we can't look away. My experience with online dating has some similarities. 

ATTEMPT #3 - BUMBLE: This app is about the ladies making the first move. I felt a little more in control of the situation. I talked to a guy who was smart and witty - a great combo. We decided to meet for happy hour and the conversation was going great until I brought up Jurassic Park. I told him I was excited to see the latest movie in the theatre and he agreed. "Did you know dinosaurs still exist? It's a conspiracy that they all died. They are actually off the coast of China hiding in a little island." 

He wasn't joking. I knew this would be my last date with Mr. JPark but I was intrigued to hear further and asked him for details on his theory so that I could tell my friends a compelling story about my date with a guy who believes dinosaurs are secretly in China. Turns out the dinosaurs did not die in the big bang and were all underwater sea monsters but are now on ground inhabiting an island. Scientists don't want to give away their secret.

Check please. (Yes ofcourse I went home and googled this. The Lockness monster is real you guys). 

The next guy was a charmer and I enjoyed our conversation. Everything was smooth until he got a little too comfortable. "So, do you like choking?" he asked. It didn't register in my head because I'm naive and my first thought was this was a sport of some sort I had never heard of. I know, so naive. Once I figured out what he was referring to, I kindly said "um isn't that a little aggressive for a first date question?" to which he blushed and it got really awkward. I wasn't sure where to go from there as I've concluded I'm the WORST at online dating, so we sat and ate our burgers in silence. I need help.

I did end up dating a lovely guy for a few months and even though it didn't work out in the long run, it did get me back into the dating scene and I found myself engaging my more social side. (Click here to read my previous story on why getting back into the dating scene was hard for me.)

I will be the first to say I am not the best at online dating. In all seriousness, reading this back I can see how judgmental I am. I'm certainly not proud of that. It's hard! It's not easy to put yourself out there and let yourself get to know someone with your guard down. As I've learned more and more to do so, I'm surprised by how much I actually enjoy dating. I like getting to know people. My struggle is I'm a romantic, I write stories. I love, love stories. I have this desire to meet someone the old fashioned way but at the same time, I think online dating is a great way to find someone who you are compatible with. I know a lot of people who are now married or almost married because of it. You've Got Mail is one of my favorite movies and they met online. I guess sometimes I wonder if it's still possible to meet someone who you just bump into walking your dog one day.

Anyone have stories like that?