I bet you think this blog is about you

Let's play a game called "Have you ever?" I'm going to ask a few questions and I want you to think about whether you can say yes to them. It'll be fun ;). Here we go:


  • Put hashtags on your own personal Instagram post to gain more likes
  • Unfollowed or blocked someone with the intent of making a statement to that person
  • Edited your IG photo with Facetune to make yourself look skinnier/prettier/better etc
  • Compared yourself with other profiles and felt anxious about keeping up with their image
  • Watched someone's IG or snapchat stories but won't text them back
  • Screenshot the story icon on someone snapchat's feed to zoom in on the photo but won't actually look at their story (c'mon you know you've done this)
  • Felt validated from posts that gained a lot of traffic vs. feeling annoyed and upset about those posts that get less
  • Stalk people's pages but refuse to follow them (i.e. old friend, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, coworker)
  • Posted a photo and later deleted it because it wasn't getting enough likes to satisfy you

You guys, we're all kind of crazy. As someone who can say yes to a lot of these, it's safe to say social media impacts our relationships, our self-esteem, our need for validation and our emotional well being. When it comes to dating, the anxiety and pressure that comes from social media is in high gear. As ladies, we post photos that make us look the most attractive, flirty, and social. On a business level, we associate our social media with financial gain, so the amount of time we spend building up our profiles is ridiculous. I once spent an entire day with a photographer getting photos of us with my company's activewear and pineapples in a pool. Don't ask me why, pineapples were trending at the time. We literally got ONE photo we used on our IG from that entire day. After we posted it, I remember thinking "I just posed in a pool for 6 hours with produce, what is my life?" 

My IG profile is private yet I guess I'm a 'blogger' now so that should probably change. I feel like if I were to make it public and eventually get thousands of followers or whatever, it would be so hard for me to not think I'm a Kween just because I've reached a six digit following. I'd have to look at it as a business and completely separate my identity from my need for affirmation, or just give zero f's. I know myself, it wouldn't be easy.

Yesterday I had an in-depth conversation about country singer Sam Hunt getting married because I'm obviously really upset he didn't marry me, but I have to say I respect the fact they keep their relationship fairly private and his now wife Hannah Lee Fowler (I googled her duh) doesn't even have social media. I don't know, I'm trying to figure it all out but I do know one thing - I have 278 followers on my private instagram and I'm currently okay with that. 

What are your thoughts on social media?