My purpose in life was shaken by a teenager

Last night I went to a For King & Country concert. Alone. Yep, I went to a concert by myself. It was highly entertaining and I'll tell you why. 

I think a lot. Often too much. I notice things. I observe people. I listen to them. I ask questions. I contemplate the why's and how's of life and though I wish my mind would just chill out, it's what sparked my desire to write. It's what creates content.

Two years ago my doctor wanted to give me a pill to make my thoughts go away but today I've come to learn that self-awareness is a key to create something worth reading, and without my mind's ability to observe, this wouldn't be possible. 

Sometimes I go to things by myself because then I have the freedom to just observe. Last night at the show, there was a teenage guy sitting in the seat next to mine. Nick.

"You're really pretty, why are you here alone?" Literally his opening line. I was flattered but also well aware that I had just gotten called out. "Well. I just wanted to do what I wanted to do today and felt like doing it alone. Like I just want to watch this band and think about life and be in my head and write some stuff down and eat some fries. You know that feeling?" Really, thats all I could come up with?

"Dude YES. There was this girl who was supposed to come with me but she bailed last minute and to be honest, I'm relieved. I just want to chill with no pressure ya know? My name is Nick. Can I snapchat you so people see how cool I am sitting with an older chick?"

Nick had a way with words and was my new best friend. We talked about when I was in high school and pagers were the latest technology. He didn't even know what a pager was. Seriously. We watched the show and he told me about his latest breakup and how Amanda was now dating Luke and how Luke just instagrammed a photo of them together so it was a hard day for him. 

He sidelined from the IG drama in his life and asked me something way too deep for concert chatter with your neighbor.

"What's your purpose in life? Like what do you think is your ultimate purpose? I feel like I can ask you that. Do you have one or is it just like your career?"

I wanted to tell him to just google it but knew he wouldn't be satisfied. 

"I don't know that I have just one purpose. I guess I want to spread a message of hope. I want to make an impact and love people well. I want to write some books. I want to have a family. I want to have a viral first dance video at my wedding. You know, little things."

Nick replied with something profound.

"That sounds like an instagram caption".

Thanks for shattering my dreams Nick. You guys, I was on the spot, that was the best thing I could come up with. It got me thinking though, what IS my purpose in life?

Do we have one ultimate purpose like a social cause or a job or motherhood or wife or something? Or is it more like a series of little daily purposes? Is it just a generic "love and be loved" statement? 

Nick and I shared some more good convo's and it also reminded me how thankful I am social media did not exist when I was in high school. We need to pray for our high schoolers, the drama is rough.

But for real, how true is it that each one of us has a story to share? Probably a lot of stories. We have questions and we want answers. I love meeting someone unexpectedly and listening to their life. It's endearing. 

What do you think? What's your purpose in life? Please tell us because maybe it'll help me figure out mine. Thaaaanks.  

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